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Who should join? Gifted learners and parents seeking a structured homeschooling environment for their children are welcome at Dreamtime Learning School.

Who should Join?

Gifted or advanced learners seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills at a deeper and broader level.
Parents who are homeschooling their children and seeking structured educational assistance
Learners facing challenges in obtaining quality education due to financial constraints, lengthy commutes to school, or residing in under-resourced areas.
Learners pursuing professional training in areas such as music, art, sports, etc., and seeking a flexible schedule for their studies.
Learners undergoing medical treatment and facing challenges in attending traditional schools due to their health conditions.
Learners of parents with transferable occupations who frequently switch schools.
Learners attending traditional schools and seeking additional instructional support through supplementary classes.
Students who are dissatisfied with traditional schools due to high fees, poor quality of teachers, or an unsatisfactory learning experience.

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Admission Enquire ForThe Session

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