Pre-Primary (Age 4 to 6)

Pre-Primary (Age 4 to 6)

The Pre-Primary Program of Dreamtime Learning Online School is designed for learners aged 4 to 6 and includes the following grades:

Foundation Year 1 (KG1 / LKG)
Foundation Year 2 (KG2 / UKG)

At Dreamtime Learning, we follow a play, activity, and inquiry-based Preschool Program that is comprehensive, flexible, and embraces the open-ended nature of the teaching and learning process.

Our curriculum allows us to consider the child’s response as a cue to what to do next.

Children absorb and interact to develop skills, concepts, attitudes, values, and behaviours in an environment that stimulates curiosity and wonder, and supports them in developing mastery by creating.

The instructional design achieves subject goals based on the domains of child development -

The instructional design achieves subject goals based on the domains of child development -

Inquire and discover,
Explore, process and problem solve,
Connect to the World - Cognitive Development;
Communicate - Language and Literacy Development;
Think and express creatively - Aesthetic and Cultural Development
Understand self, others - Socio-emotional and ethical Development
my body - Physical Development

The Dreamtime Learning curriculum

The Dreamtime Learning curriculum

Aligns with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF).
Captivating Educator Engagement.
Only 18 Students per class
Individualized Nurturance and Support
Daily Engaging Live Classes, 2-3 Hours, Mon-Fri.

Children choose activities based on their interests during the time allocated for unstructured and child-directed sessions and showcase their understanding by revisiting previously learnt skills.

Our Preschool Program operates from Monday through Friday.

Daily Rhythm

Login and Greeting: 5 mins

As the children join in the session with the help of their escorts or parents, they greet with courtesy and settle for the learning venture of the day.

Carpet Time: 20-25 mins

A time to absorb and interact over ideas and concepts. The children connect with each other, discuss feelings, share ideas or thoughts and engage in active learning.

Creative Expression: 15-20 mins

The session encourages children to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings using various media. The children may write a story or draw or perform to express themselves.

Practice Time: 20-25 mins

A time to practice skills in small groups by revisiting earlier concepts and activities.

Moving and Grooving: 15 mins

Children engage in activities that promote physical and social development.

Choice Time: 20-30 mins

Children choose activities based on their interests. The activities are designed to stimulate them to practice and achieve mastery in previously learnt skills.

Goodbye: 5 mins