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Dreamtime Learning: The online home school championing accessible education!

Dreamtime Learning: The online home school championing accessible education!

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For kids with special needs, home schooling can be a great way to receive education because of its flexibility, individualised instructions, and a positive learning environment. Dreamtime Learning Online School is our new and emerging online school that is aware of the difficulties experienced by families with special needs’ children. With this innovative school, we continue to accomplish our aim of enabling families to design a fulfilling educational experience that meets their child’s individual needs.

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Our specialised approaches and wealth of resources give us the ability to adapt curriculum materials that suit the diverse learning needs of students with special needs. The school employs a multidisciplinary team of experienced online educators and specialists, who we like to call cheerleaders. They create individualised learning plans that match the Cambridge & Pearson Edexcel curriculum and are best suited for each child’s pace of learning. By assessing their strengths, weaknesses, and learning style, we wish to ensure that the curriculum is appropriately modified to maximize educational growth.

The health, safety and overall well-being of our students is the top most priority of our curriculum. Home schooling allows us to keep that priority in check by providing education to children in their homes. The safety and comfort of learning from the fine confines of their homes helps children to flourish fully and without judgement. Online schooling allows them to thrive academically as well as socially, preparing them enthusiastically for the modern world.

We consistently put in the work to establish a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. It is of utmost significance that special needs children feel safe to voice
out their opinions right from their schooling years so they can grow to be confident leaders of tomorrow. The school encourages pupils to embrace their special talents and develop a sense of belonging. Learners get the individualised help they need to achieve academically and emotionally with small class sizes and one-on-one attention.

Dreamtime Learning encourages a team effort, making parents active participants in their children’s education. Regular means of communication like virtual parent-teacher meets encourage continued discussion between our cheerleaders and parents. This partnership enables ongoing feedback and strategy modifications to better suit each student’s changing needs.

To instil a social sense of community from an early age is one of the, if not the most important part of learning for a child with exceptional needs. In our virtual sessions, we organize group activities that allow children to freely bond with one another in a safe and structured manner. These hands-on project based sessions help them develop their social skills while building a sense of belonging and friendship.

One of the best online school in India, Dreamtime Learning School is paving the way for successful home-schooling experiences for children with special needs by adapting curriculum materials and nurturing a supportive learning environment. The school empowers families to create personalised educational journeys that cater to their child’s unique strengths and challenges. Dreamtime Learning is not just an online school; it is a comprehensive educational partner. Through its adaptive strategies and rich resources, Dreamtime Learning School is breaking barriers and revolutionising education for special needs children through home schooling.

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