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Dreamtime Learning: Comprehensive and Innovative Education Programs

Dreamtime Learning: Comprehensive and Innovative Education Programs

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The Covid-19 pandemic may have brought a lot of challenges and uncertainties to people from all walks of life, but it also brought new opportunities and accelerated the growth of E-commerce and online education worldwide. With the rise of online education, children, who are both vulnerable and resilient, can explore their full potential and learn from the comfort of their own homes.

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There are many advantages to online education. For instance, in an online class, students can receive one-on-one attention from their teachers, which may not be possible in a physical class where soft-spoken or shy children may go unnoticed in the background. Moreover, the cost of online schools is relatively cheaper, with no need for expenses like infrastructure, security, or transport. This means that fees paid to an online school are spent solely on attracting the best teachers.

Online schools can make guided exploration much easier for students, especially in today’s world, where the internet plays a significant role in almost everything we do. Trained staff of online schools can teach students both the benefits and the dangers of the internet and help them explore and discover more. Moreover, online schools can expose students to a multicultural mix in the classroom, which is difficult to find in traditional classrooms.

Online schools can help instil focus and discipline in students from an early age. Teachers are trained to discipline students with respect to focusing on the class, and students are also encouraged to practice self-discipline in attending classes and submitting homework. Students attending online schools may also avoid energy drainers and time fizzle. For instance, they can avoid travelling during peak hours, carrying books to and from school, and waiting between periods for homework to be collected or distributed.

Another significant advantage of online schools is the controlled environment they provide for students, which is a concern for many parents. Even bullying is almost non-existent in online schools, and exposure to unnecessary health hazards through contact or contaminated food is also reduced substantially. Furthermore, online schools can help students manage their time more effectively, and gain access to the latest developments in different industries, which are easily assimilated into the curriculum of online syllabi.

At Dreamtime Learning School, the founder Lina Ashar is dedicated to inspiring children and creating a world of abundance. Lina founded Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High Schools with a learner-centric approach combining a research-based curriculum and practical application. Her innovative vision has led to partnerships in 17 cities in India, Dubai, and Maldives, making her a proven leader in education with over 30 years of experience.

Dreamtime Learning School follows a play, activity, and inquiry-based curriculum that is comprehensive, flexible and embraces the open-ended nature of the teaching and learning process. Their curriculum allows them to consider the child’s response as a cue to what to do next, which helps children absorb and interact to develop skills, concepts, attitudes, values, and behavior’s in an environment that stimulates curiosity and wonder and supports them in developing mastery.

Dreamtime Learning School’s Elementary Utopia program, designed for learners aged six to ten, is aimed at empowering learners to bring the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired into every aspect of their lives. By building their collaboration and communication skills, learners can meaningfully connect with the world around them. Moreover, the Cosmic Middle Years program, designed for learners aged 11 to 13, blends the national and international curriculum with 21st- century learning skills and emotional quotient, building character in learners needed to thrive in a diverse and ever-evolving society.

Dreamtime Learning School also provides online classrooms that expose students to a diverse range of cultures and perspectives from around the world, preparing them for success in the global community. To ensure the quality of education, Dreamtime Learning School extensively trains teachers and facilitates experiential learning through art fests and project-based learning.

In conclusion, the rise of online education has brought many advantages that are here to stay. Online schools may be the torchbearers of this trend, as they provide a controlled environment, facilitate guided exploration, and instil focus and discipline in students, among other advantages.

Dreamtime Learning School is leading the way in education with innovative and comprehensive programs that empower learners and prepare them for success in the global community. Education at Dreamtime Learning School is about gaining knowledge and understanding and embracing a worldview that inspires learners to make a positive difference in the world.
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